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Gridiron Club

2024 Board Members

Jerome Krantz
elected 3/2022

Vice President
Casey Preimesberger
elected 3/2022

Nancy Steinhoff
elected 10/2023 

Ryann Utt
elected 3/2022

Ron “Tiny” Zander
elected 3/2022

Justin Bell
elected 3/2022

Marty Hendrickson
elected 3/2022

Charlie Denu
elected 10/2020 

Kris Kiel
elected 09/2022 

John Mahoney
elected 07/2023 

Youth Representative
Patrick Shipman
​​​​​​​elected 6/2020 

For more information please  email us at

Support MHB Football!

"One In, All In!"

The MHB Gridiron Club is an organization focused on assisting in the development of young football players and raising funds for the MHB football program.  The entire program has made tremendous strides over the years thanks to the hard work and dedication of the players, coaches, parents, school, and community.  The MHB Gridiron Club wants to take this opportunity to grow the entire program even bigger and better.  The organization is a  (tax-favored) non-profit.

The mission of the MHB Gridiron Club is to work cooperatively with the Mt Horeb and Barneveld School Districts to support the efforts of the MHB High School football program and MHB Youth Football program in order to foster a sense of community spirit and pride in Mt Horeb Barneveld football. The MHB Gridiron Club (MHBGC) will always support these programs by way of presence and encouragement at activities, providing needed volunteers, and in the form of financial assistance.

Thank you for your ongoing support! You are helping to make the entire MHB Football program “One In, All In” better every day!


MHB Gridiron Club is working with the Valhalla Project for the new Sports Complex proposal you may have heard about from village meetings or the Mount Horeb Mail. For many years our organization has been raising and saving funds to help MHB Youth Football secure their own field and practice area. The current space we use for youth football has been generously loaned to us. With the help of the Valhalla Project, the dream of our own youth field is coming too light, but we are still in need of funds to help develop the land into youth football facilities. 

MHB Youth Football is in need of equipment for the 2023 season. 

MHB Gridiron Club also has a long term goal to help with renovations of the high school football field, including turf and the press box.

If you would like more info on helping the MHB Football program please contact us at




Thanks to you and your generosity, the MHB Gridiron Club has raised enough funds to:

  • Purchased varsity equipment bags.
  • Provide epsom salts for team use.
  • Provide team breakfast on Friday mornings.
  • Purchased new wireless headsets for the high school program.
  • Purchased a 6-man sled for the high school program.
  • Purchased a drone camera for the high school program. 
  • Purchased a HD end zone and sideline camera system for the high school program.
  • Hudl outdoor camera to live stream all games.
  • Bought a new equipment trailer.
  • Story of the Season digital magazine.
  • Purchased new helmets & shoulder pads for the high school program.
  • Purchased new UA black jerseys, black game pants, and red game pants for the high school program.
  • Enhanced the scoreboard at the high school field with “Home of the Vikings”
  • Meals for Overnight camp & Year-end banquet
  • Provide Senior Posters.
  • Given away thousands of dollars in raffle winnings.
  • Donated money to the new Fitness Center.
  • Donated to the new high school "Home of the Vikings" sign with message board.
  • Promote the team on Wisco Radio.
  • Purchased Red Fence Topper around the entire football field.



Become a member: 

Annual Membership Fee
$50 each / $75 couple
Your membership will earn you the following: 

  • MHB Gridiron Club window cling & t-shirt
  • A tax-deductible donation to a 501(c)(3) organization
  • The personal satisfaction that you are helping the football program

Many opportunities for the upcoming year

Attend upcoming fundraising events

Become an individual or corporate donor